Taking Flight

Abdul Majid
2 min readFeb 28, 2021

To Start is difficult and the ending is even difficult. The fellowship is just ending and leaving all fellows emotional. These have been exciting 3 months where there was a lot to learn, a lot to listen and a lot to improve. To reflect on my fellowship journey and especially the last session of fellowship is looking amazing.

The last session of fellowship was very emotional and close to my heart. Everyone was talking about their journey and connecting with others. It was a fascinating experience to talk about myself and my journey and at the same time listening to other amazing fellows. I think it is very important to connect and talk about something staying truly focused.


Here at Amal, I am able to connect with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds which multiplies the learning as well as making public relations. Diversity is the utmost thing when it comes to learning and Amal provided that. I am looking forward to staying connected to my AMAL Family, brilliant people and supportive Facilitators through social media, through Amal, through Batch meet-ups.

It is necessary to stay connected with those people you have spent good time and it is nature of human to keep itself surrounded by supportive and lovely ones. I am nothing different to them.

I am applying all my Amal learnings in my professional and personal life. Let me explain this through an example, I am showing gratitude to everyone who is helping, appreciating people, living a life of purpose, setting targets and achieving those. I am still working on many things like English speaking, writing blogs, improving communication, time management, pro activeness etc. And I think continuing with AMAL’s Learning, I will be able to improve myself and become a better Abdul Majid.

From shy person to confident individual, introvert to expressive one, a lot of change happened in me and I am looking forward to carry it. I am indebted to Amal Academy, amazing Facilitators and exciting fellows for this change as it is due to their support.



Abdul Majid

This is Abdul Majid, currently enrolled in Bachelors Degree in Mechatronics & Control Engineering at UET, Lahore. I have done Amal Career-Prep Fellowship.