My Positive Reflection

Abdul Majid
2 min readFeb 13, 2021

Looking at my 2020, I think the best decision I made in that year is to join AMAL Academy. It has benefitted me in so many ways, changed the way I look at things, my attitude towards hurdles in life, and all that. I wanted to join in the summer batch last year but could not get selected due to whatever reason but now I can say that Allah has better plans for you and joining now is a blessing.

Impactful Incident

One of the impactful incidents that happened to me at the Amal Academy was winning the Most thoughtful project award in Project Work 7. I was doing project works for the past 6 weeks sometimes just fulfilling formality due to a lot of business. As soon as time passes, looking at the people winning awards every week urges me to get that award too. I asked one of the fellows who just got an award for PW6, about what special she does and she was like, “I didn’t submit any extra thing, I had a little extra time this week so, I complete PW6 putting more time into it and done it with more dedication.”

I wondered and found out that I was not putting that much effort and at that time, I thought of doing my remaining PW’s with more dedication and putting more time into them. Right after 1 week, I was overwhelmed to see my name in that week’s award and then that fellow congratulates me and reminded me of her words.

Give your best shot

When I look around my fellows, I found out that those were just giving their best shot, putting in their efforts, and then waiting for the results. I learned a great lesson that day to give your best, put in 100% effort, and don’t worry about the results. Success follows the pain you bear. The more pain you bear, the more successful you will become.

In the future, I will try to be more positive, will show more gratitude, and will try to give my best in every situation.



Abdul Majid

This is Abdul Majid, currently enrolled in Bachelors Degree in Mechatronics & Control Engineering at UET, Lahore. I have done Amal Career-Prep Fellowship.