Getting Closer to your Mega Project Problem

Abdul Majid
3 min readDec 26, 2020

Mega Project idea over which I want to work is 1 day personal Trip for Specially abled people.

Problem Statement : Due to lack of attention and time, specially abled people stuck at home and they did not get enough opportunities to travel and go to recreational trip. They do need recreation.

I have observed this problem quite a few times that special people always lacks the opportunity to go out for recreation. The main reason behind this thing is their family member don’t have enough time for them. It develops a kind of frustration in them and it increases with age. I think they also need recreation. They also want to got and interact with people, they want to go to shopping malls, they want to see cricket match may be, they want to have a dinner in a restaurant.

I got the solution for it and a very simple one. the idea is to open a travel company for special people and plan a complete day with them. Pick them from their home in morning, take them to some restaurant for breakfast, after this go for park where they can get the opportunity to interact and see different people, go for shopping to some mall or a movie cinema sometimes if they like and then a supper and drop to home.

This activity can play a very important part in their life and they would definitely love to get some outing in a month or two. It will have a pleasant effect on their mind to go and recreate. They will surely feel better and cared.

I searched about it over internet and got some international companies which arranges in country and foreign tours for such people. I think we should have such companies in Pakistan also, which I could not find at the moment.

It was amazing process to search and gather some stuff over this idea. It has helped me to think differently and develop some exciting ideas.

If you like the idea, do comment and tell me.



Abdul Majid

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